September 2, 1989 - September 6, 2001


Kiska was our first Alaskan Malamute, purchased from a nice neighborhood family.  Our lives changed when the instructors at obedience class said, "She's pretty...are you going to show her?"

So, in addition to training her in obedience, off to conformation handling class we went.  Kiska earned 9 points toward her championship, with reserves to majors, with the expert handling from Diane Shearer and Greg Gollick.  We decided not to continue showing her because we were not breeding her - we found out her ChD number was too high.  So she retired and lived a very happy house dog's life for 12 years with us.

Kiska taught us a lot about Malamutes.  Her main goal in life was to see if she could push Roseann "over the edge!"  Of course, Rich would sit back and laugh.  She just loved to get into trouble, stealing Q-Tips, tissues, or your dinner off the table.  We think she did it just for the fun of "the chase!"  She didn't care if she was disciplined for was worth it to her!

Obedience was interesting with Kiska...Roseann trained her through Open, for her CDX title,...but she never even earned a leg towards her CD.  She was great at class, but got "ring-wise" very quickly at shows.  She ALWAYS gave the spectators a good laugh!  Hey Greg, thanks for getting her for me that time she was off-lead healing and would not come back to me!  What a hoot! --- She always had a blast!  You couldn't help but to laugh at her antics.  She would get that little "twinkle" in her eye, and you knew that was the end.  Oh well....all that mattered was she had fun.

We will always remember how Kiska loved only two dogs in her life ... Boomer, our first male Malamute, and her best friend, Ty, a Golden Retriever bitch.  Kiska and Ty grew up as friends doing obedience and conformation together, and just having a good time.

What memories....our first Alaskan Malamute, who made us absolutely fall in love with this breed, and got us hooked for life.





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